Software Development Solutions

ptg specializes in developing complex and multidisciplinary software based systems.

ptg's development teams in the Middle East and Europe help customers to deliver systems faster.
Our development teams will be set up for your needs quickly in order to allow you fast progress to the end of the development and focus on the main tasks that await you.

Development Expertise areas

  • AI - development of artificial intelligence systems and interface to existing systems chat GPT, bart and more.
  • Data Integration - Development of organizational interfaces in order to respond to the tailoring of information systems in the organization.
  • Bots and chats development - development of solutions adapted to the needs of the organization.
  • Avionic Components - components for autonomous vehicles, airborne elements, navigational means.
  • Ground Components- ground stations, communication and communication systems, ground navigation systems.
  • Simulation systems - including development of simulation systems in mathlab, C, C++, Python and more.
  • Development of interfaces - Development of the interface between hardware integrated software systems.
  • Drivers development
  • Development of Cloud systems and On-premise systems
  • Development of mobile applications- The development of the ptg includes the development of the required mobile applications and their integration together with the necessary ground and airborne hardware systems and support in the hardening of the systems in accordance with security requirements and survivability requirements in the field.
  • UI/UX  - Development of user interfaces including the integration of UI/UX experts in the characterization of the screens and their implementation.
  • Compliance with various regulations in the field of cyber and security and international standards in the field of development and aviation.

We will help you in the one or more of the following operation methods:

  • Insource - internal development within the organization by our employees who will support you in outsourcing.
  • Outsource - external development by our development teams that are physically close to you.
  • Out-staffing - external development by our out staffing teams

The company has vast experience in developing intricate systems in aerospace, vehicles, high-risk systems, and systems that require high-performance time and 24/7 availability.

The leading engineering house of ptg brings innovative solutions to its customers in order to develop the first-class systems.

ptg develops a System of Systems (SoS) that consists of various components, whether developed in-house or sourced as off-the-shelf products, all interconnected with each other.

ptg's software teams support the business development needed by customers and contribute to shortening delivery times, increasing organizational efficiency, arriving on time with the product to the market and to the end customer and providing a response as close as possible to the customer's needs while paying attention to the smallest details.