Modeling Enterprise Architecture

Deliver faster with Sparx Enterprise architect 

Do you develop using enterprise architect?
Have you tried to bring Sparx Enterprise Architect tool into your organization without success?

Do you experience frustration trying to work with an Enterprise Architect (EA) along with other people around you?
Do you feel like you can't get them to work with you on your own?
Do you want to teach your staff to work properly with MBSE and don't know how to proceed?

Many organizations experience the same problem.
There is a strong desire to start working with the tool personally, but there is difficulty in harnessing the organization to work with you in the tool.
Let us help you! This is the task we have undertaken.
Over the past 20 years, the Pandetech Group has been helping organizations of a large size to smoothly enter into work with MBSE and Enterprise Architect.
We do this based on the experience we have gained working on our own and a methodology we have developed based on Hands on work and Best Practices.

Enterprise Architect Solutions 

Our service includes the following:

  • Working methodology for MBSE.
  • Work Plan: Building a work plan for overall assimilation.
  • Build Process: Building a process that includes operational analysis, business technical analysis, system engineering, system architecture, system component engineering (hardware, software and firmware).
  • Required reports: Definition of required reports in the development process for the purpose of CDRL.
  • Outputs: Definition of required outputs from the model for the purpose of preparing surveys (PDR, CDR and more).
  • Transformations: Defining required transformations between stages in the development process in order to transfer information effectively.
  • Traceability: Defining traceability for the entire length of the project and the connecting thread between all stages.
  • Accompanying the managers in assimilating and defining the needs of the managers from the process.
  • Defining interfaces for other tools.
  • Characterization of the required configuration management.
  • Generic Components: Defining generic components to be developed in an enterprise cloud for use by all developers.
  • Adaptations of Enterprise Architect to the organization.
  • Domain Specific Language: Building Domain Specific Languages for the purpose of building the language adapted to the organization.
  • Accompanying a system analyst, technical system analysts, system engineer, software engineers, integrators and testing personnel in the process.

During the last 20 years ptg have been learning, using and teaching Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems. ptg performs Implementation and assimilation of Enterprise architect integrated with other tools in the development process. 

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