Why is MBSE Important?

Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) is a modern approach or methodology that emphasizes usage of models to analyze and design various complex systems. Usually, it involves the process of creating a digital image of a certain system, which is often used to test different scenarios before the process of building the system itself begins. This modern approach allows engineers to identify potential obstacles in the early design stages of the process, which helps tremendously mainly because it saves time as well as resources. Because of its advantages, MBSE becomes increasingly popular in the systems engineering world, mostly due to its ability to make communication and collaboration processes far more efficient. So, what are the key benefits of utilizing MBSE, and why is it so important these days? During this article, we will explore everything there is to know about usage of MBSE tools and the advantages included in doing so.

So Why Do Companies Need MBSE?

The main reason for companies to use MBSE is the ongoing growing complexity of various products. To use a familiar product, you must keep track of its developments throughout the years. For instance, during the ‘70s and 80s, most private cars had a small select few of electric functions, alongside quite simple cabling that supported it. Software was not even a thing back then, let alone being a main part of the engine control systems. Later, during the ‘90s and early 2000s, electronics in cars were developing at a rapid growth rate, with many examples of advanced software alongside specialized controllers, such as ABS-controllers, In-car entertainment systems etc. Over time, those developments led to more complexity, as the software field ended up being one of the most expensive key-components of each car. Nowadays, every private car being manufactured is a complex system that includes many different systems within it, where the development of software is one of the most critical aspects when it comes to staying relevant in the competitive environment. We can see similar development directions across many industries - as the need for new methods and tools that can give solutions to the increased complexity is quite large. 


As Conclusion

Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) is an approach that can serve as the ultimate solution to many of the new challenges that different organizations and companies who develop products face throughout the process. 

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